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Even CarNerds fall for a bit of romance, and the sixth video in our Car Stories series, appropriately released on Valentine’s Day, tells the story behind Joseph Casapinta’s love affair with MGs. The moral here is clear: if you want an MG, then you should get one because it’s the kind of relationship that will probably last a lifetime.

Joseph tells how in just a few months, he fulfilled his childhood dream of owning an MG, and how this decision had a domino effect on himself and the community of MG enthusiasts in Malta.

The story begins just after Joseph Casapinta retired from a long career in IT. As a dedicated painter of Maltese landscapes and classic cars, he’d had enough of painting other people’s MGs, so he finally decided to buy one of his own. He already had a close shave with an MG model he wanted to purchase a few years back, but this time he acted on his impulse and became the proud owner of “Lizzy”, a UK-imported 1977 MGB.

“A dream is never late”—as an MG owner himself, Joseph teamed up with a few friends to launch MG Car Club Malta. The club rapidly grew in size, began hosting weekly meets, and became affiliated with the original MG Car Club established in the UK in 1930.

All this happened within a few months, during which Joseph continued restoring his car by rigorously following the 1977 MG factory spec. In this video, he explains the different summer and winter setups he uses to keep Lizzy in top form all year round.


Mark runs a digital marketing agency, which is as far as you can get from nerding out on cars. That hasn’t stopped him from spending afternoons underneath cars pretending to know what he’s doing, before calling a knowledgeable friend. He doesn’t understand SUVs, and will try convince you, unsuccessfully, that you’re better off with a fast wagon.