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This video is where it all started. With no professional recording equipment and editing so abrupt it could cause whiplash, the pilot episode of CarNerd TV went online with little fanfare and fewer expectations. Who knew this four-minute clip would be the launchpad to meeting some of the keenest car enthusiasts in Malta and grow into a series that reaches thousands of viewers with each new episode.

In episode one, we spoke with Matthew Camilleri about the love of his life, his 1962 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia. Matthew is one of the brains behind the Facebook page Vintage Cool, a fellow car content creator with Rotta, and a collector of classic cars. In the video, he talks about his childhood experiences of attending car meets at Għajn Tuffieħa with his dad, and how these weekly outings instilled a passion for classic automobiles from an early age.

Like many new car collectors nowadays, Mathew bought his right-hand drive VW Karmann Ghia coupe from a seller online after checking out literally hundreds of listings. “It was love at first sight,” as he admits. Many people seem to have shared the same love for this car as this particular model has appeared on several magazine covers and in photoshoots.


Mark runs a digital marketing agency, which is as far as you can get from nerding out on cars. That hasn’t stopped him from spending afternoons underneath cars pretending to know what he’s doing, before calling a knowledgeable friend. He doesn’t understand SUVs, and will try convince you, unsuccessfully, that you’re better off with a fast wagon.