A follower on Instagram (hello Oleks!) told us this when posted this morning’s video;

“Video looks great! Awesome content guys! Don't think I've ever seen so many Ferraris in my life haha.”

Well, neither had we Oleks, neither had we.

In fact, that’s why we decided that apart from last week’s bullrun (or Lamborghini special), we also had to make a little special dedicated to the stuff of every little kid’s, and big kid’s too dreams; Ferrari.

The car brand that is more than just about cars. It’s lifestyle, it’s speed, it’s power, it’s luxury, it’s a whole look and feel and philosophy, and boy don’t they know it down in Modena!

Here in Malta though, let’s be honest, Ferraris aren’t everyday sights, unlike, say, Milan, or London. That said, there’s a lot of them here. Like, seriously, a lot. A whole bunch. Some say that Malta has the highest per capita rate of ownership of Ferraris ANYWHERE in the world, and although I haven’t seen the numbers to support this (and I never will), my gut tells me that this is probably not far from the truth.



Well, we’ll let the video above do the talking.

All I can say is that in a couple of hours, among the €15 million worth of supercars on display, I saw a whole host of 488s, a stable of 458s, a Testarossa, a 348 TS, a 599 GTB, an F355, a Challenge Stradale, and an F430, among others I didn’t recognise or remember.

What definitely is worth remembering though, is the day spent basking in the sun and walking around all these horses from Modena. Will definitely be there when there’s a repeat!



Mark runs a digital marketing agency, which is as far as you can get from nerding out on cars. That hasn’t stopped him from spending afternoons underneath cars pretending to know what he’s doing, before calling a knowledgeable friend. He doesn’t understand SUVs, and will try convince you, unsuccessfully, that you’re better off with a fast wagon.